Kingsbrae Horticultural Garden in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, announces the eighth in a series of competitions for sculptors.

The event is biennial, with works exhibited in the Garden in seasons 2018 and 2019. First prize is $20,000. The second-place winner will receive $15,000.

Kingsbrae Garden has combined art and horticulture to great effect since its opening in 1998. In 2009, this philosophy was enhanced with the creation not only of a Sculpture Garden but also of the Kingsbrae Garden Canadian Sculpture Competition. Winning works from the competition find a home in the Garden which displays them to their best advantage.

Competition Format

1. The contest is open to all artists living and working in Canada. Artists may create a new work or submit an original work which has not been entered in any previous competition.

2. Each registrant will be sent a competition guide detailing how to submit a proposal for consideration. All proposals must be submitted according to the guide and be received by Sunday December 31, 2017.

3. The final competition entrants will be chosen by a selection panel. Typically there will be no more than 12 finalists. The announcement of finalists will be made no later than Tuesday January 31, 2018. All entrants will be notified of their status in the competition at that time.

4. Those selected for the competition will submit photos of either the completed work or the work in progress by Saturday March 31, 2018 at 12 o’clock noon Atlantic Time. Failure to do so will result in disqualification from the competition and the offering of that place to the next-ranked entrant.

5. Finished works are to be delivered to Kingsbrae Garden by Friday May 11, 2018. An awards ceremony for the Sculpture Competition will take place on Thursday June 7, 2018.

6. Final judging of the works will take place prior to an award ceremony at which the winners will be announced.

7. The first-place winner will receive a cash prize of $20,000, payable upon the announcement. The work will become the property of Kingsbrae Garden and will become part of the permanent exhibit at Kingsbrae Garden.

8. The second-place winner will receive a cash prize of $15,000 payable upon the announcement. The work will become the property of Kingsbrae Garden and will be placed at the discretion of the Garden.

9. All those selected for the competition will be reimbursed, upon submission of invoices or expense receipts, for transportation expenses, both delivery and return, to a combined maximum of: originating in NB, NS, PE, $250; originating in NF, ON, QC, $500; originating elsewhere in Canada, $750.

10. All works will be displayed for the 2018 and 2019 seasons in the Sculpture Garden and will be available for sale to the public if so desired by the artist. The sale price must include a 25% gallery commission. The first and second place winners may offer another work for sale if they so desire. While the works are covered by insurance during this time, artists are responsible for ensuring the removal of their work at the conclusion of Kingsbrae Garden’s 2019 season in mid-October. Any work not removed by the end of October 2019 remains in the Garden at the artist’s risk.

11. Artists may leave their works on display or for sale in the Garden at their own risk, for subsequent years with the Garden’s consent.

12. Artists who wish to donate their piece to the Garden may do so in exchange for a tax receipt as per Canada Revenue Agency regulations.

Work Format

There are no categories for this competition. Entrants should realize that the works submitted are for long-term placement and viewing in an outdoor, natural environment. It is strongly suggested that entrants view the Sculpture Garden video located on the Kingsbrae Garden website to understand the context in which their works, if selected for competition, will be displayed.

The works should conform to the following criteria:

1. Pieces which do not meet the outlined conditions or which do not meet the size, material, finish or general description indicated in the initial proposal may be disqualified by the Jury at their sole discretion. It is incumbent upon the artist to inform the competition administration of any changes during creation of the work and to receive agreement for those changes before proceeding to complete and submit the work.

2. The work must be three feet (one metre) minimum in height, with a recommended maximum height of eight feet (2.5 metres). The minimum height excludes any purpose-built stand designed and constructed by the artist in conjunction with the piece. Any base or plinth supplied by the Sculpture Competition cannot be included in the height measurement.

3. In general, the competition is looking for submissions of private-collection size. However, works of institutional size may be acceptable to the preliminary selection panel on a case-by-case basis.

4. The work must be constructed of one or more of these materials: metal, stone, winterstone, fibreglass, treated or coated wood (must be weather and frost-proof). Glass is acceptable as a component only, but not as the main material. The finished sculpture must be durable in an outdoor environment.

5. There is a maximum weight limit of 1000 pounds (454 kg).