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The 2009 Competition

In this, the first year of the competition, 17 sculptors from across Canada were chosen to have their works displayed. The works are displayed in the slideshow below.

  • 01.jpg
    Po Chun Lau: Silent Witnesses
  • 02.jpg
    Marianne Reim: Das Buch V
  • 03.jpg
    Kerry O'Toole: Canadian Geese in Flight FIRST PLACE AWARD
  • 04.jpg
    Bozena Happach: Windy Day HONORABLE MENTION
  • 05.jpg
    Denis St-Pierre: White Peacock
  • 06.jpg
    Tobias Luttmer: Ancient Mariner
  • 07.jpg
    Bozena Happach: Silver Boy
  • 08.jpg
    Andrea Locke: Gaia Trees
  • 09.jpg
    Mark Breckenridge: Silver Maple PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD
  • 10.jpg
    Alanna Baird: Tansyu Goldfish
  • 11.jpg
    Lawrence Wuest: Capstan Dance HONORABLE MENTION
  • 12.jpg
    Kim Cookson: Puzzled
  • 13.jpg
    Serge Mozhnevsky: Observation
  • 14.jpg
    Gerard Kelly: Colossus: Stepping out of Time
  • 15.jpg
    Tonya Hart: Girl at the Fountain
  • 16.jpg
    Ron Davis: Empty Space
  • 17.jpg
    Veit Weber: King's View
  • 18.jpg
    Brett Davis: Heron SECOND PLACE



Kingsbrae Horticultural Garden in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, is pleased to present the seventh in a series of competitions for sculptors. Works in this competition will be displayed during the 2016 and 2017 seasons at the Garden. First prize is $20,000. The second-place winner receives $15,000.